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Welcome to our "home on the web". This site isn't listed on any search engines or anything so if your here, it's probably because your a friend or relative.. If you're an Alagna and have anything you'd like to see us do with this, feel free to write me. My e-mail is By the way, if you would like your e-mail to be set up using our family name, like mine, let me know. You can still check your e-mail the way you do now. I set up an auto-forward with your name on the front. I am happy to set it up for anyone that would want it. Or, if you prefer, we have the "" domain set up so you can sign up for an email address (powered by Microsoft's Hotmail) by clicking on the link above.

For All Things Alagna
This is from Christmas 2010...

Here a few pictures from when Aurelli was born and since. I was able to make this short video at

2009-10-14 - Today my beautiful daughter-in-law, Stephanie, gave birth to Aurelli Chen Mei Alagna. She was born 19 inches long, weighing in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces. Mom and baby are both doing great! Thank you God! Chris and I went to the hospital and got to see the baby just an hour after being born. We love her. She is so cute. Below, clockwise, is Stephanie and Aurelli, Stephanie's father, Steve Wuo, me, and then Chris, all holding Aurelli.

I hardly use pink in my pictures. I'm used to having lots of boys and men ( three brothers, two sons - no sisters, no daughters) around. This is going to be fun.

I took a (pretty dark) video at the hospital. Even though its a little hard to see, you can hear her voice...


Launch in external player
2009-07-20 - I just found something that was very fun; the first web site that I ever was involved in. I won't say I built it because I had no real knowledge of the Internet when we set it up, but we were really on the cutting edge when we put this site together and it was one of the first cellular sites to be listed at Yahoo in the world! Actually, this was a later version of the first one we built in 1996 or so but that one did not get indexed at So this is the earliest record I can find. I wish I could find that first web site. It was way more fun. See the site here.

2009-04-19 - A lot is changing here. Anthony and his girlfriend (now his fiance) are getting married on July 26th, 2009. We'll put more details online as they come available. They're going to have a small wedding in Temecula. But before that wedding is my niece Cara's to Dominic Socie. We just booked our tickets to their wedding on July 4th. We're all going. I wanted to also make a link here to some important family web sites...


2008-08-16 - It was race time again. Johnny raced the MDR Off Road Night Race again this year in the Lucerne Valley. This is his third year in the race and this time he had two co-drivers, Roy Coon and Taylor Wolpert. Roy and Taylor have been here almost daily for the past few months working with John to get the truck ready for the race. They are a good team and I have noticed that they are very serious about what they do. I think that is probably one of the reasons that the truck performed so well this time. Unfortunately, they had one electrical failure that cost them about 30 minutes in the second lap.

John thinks he would have placed 5th this year, except for the electrical malfunction, so they ended up finishing at 13 out of 49 trucks in their class (25 of those trucks never made it to the finish line). This kind of racing is really tough on any vehicle, no matter how prepared you are. I think that John drove a lot smarter this year over last year's race (These are some great pictures from last year). He had really good race times, he finished, and we didn't have to drag his but out of the desert on a trailer this year at 3:00 AM. I'm really proud of him.

We really missed my good friend, Mitch this year, but it was for a great reason; his mom and dad celebrated their 50th anniversary and had their whole family out to Wyoming to celebrate.

Here are a few pictures from the race. As more pictures come in I'll post them here...

The Morning After - much better this year

See last year's morning after picture

  • Here is a map of the race. It's a 50 mile track, all off-road and treacherous. John's class runs this track 3 times to finish...
  • Here are the official race results. His time in the first and last laps wasn't all too bad...
  • Here is a zip file of various pictures I took during the race. Your truck might be in here. Feel free to use them. I'll keep the link up for a few weeks. (Joe)

2008-06-28 - Boy this year is going fast. I just returned from the ICANN meetings in Paris. I only had a day or so to see the sights and I didn't get too many really good pictures but this one was so cool I wanted to post it on my site. I'm not even sure how I did this. I think I had my ISO settings real high because I was taking pictures inside the Notre Dame Cathedral and then came outside forgetting to set them back. Anyway this picture was taken from the top of Notre Dame in Paris and was a mistake, but a really cool one. Click on it to see the big picture and then zoom in on it. The effect is just amazing; suitable for framing (at least in my opinion :-). It's all real though. It kind of looks like a water painting.

From the top of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris



2007-10-31 - CentralNic hosted a party at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. We invited our friends, registrars, and resellers and it turned out beautifully. Our CEO, Dan Schindler, did an amazing job of planning this event and as usual we had a great turnout.

The food was nothing short of delicious and Gavin Aldred, an investor in .LA, brought in Julia Fordham, a singer who entertained us perfectly. She was a real hit and made the party so much more enjoyable.

It was a great time of relaxation and friendship with my co-workers Gavin and Jenny from London and thanks to all those who came.

Click here to see the pictures.

2007-10-28 - Christine and I both turned 50 this month - Our best friends got together and threw us a surprise party. I've always thought that I would know if someone tried to do that for me. I didn't... not a clue... neither did Christine.

Click here to see the pictures.

Either this was the nicest party that we've ever had or I can't remember a nicer one (after all, I'm 50 now). Thanks you guys. That was very sweet and we had a blast.

It was even more interesting because I had an out of town guest, my friend Gavin from London, staying with us for the week. We asked if Gavin could join us for "dinner at the Claim Jumper" that night. He was surprised right along with us. The theme was a Hawaiian luau and we will never forget it.

Rachel did such a nice job decorating the house. When we walked in I thought it was decorated for something else.

I didn't see these till after, but Vicky made these beautiful invitations out of a sandal. They are really cool.


Great Invitations; Thanks Vicki!

Our 50th Birthday party had a Hawaiian Luau theme. Vicky made these beautiful invites which we didn't see until after the party.

Lori getting baptised
Lori, right after being baptized & all her grandkids

2007-09-23 - Our good friend, Lori, was baptized today. We went down and shared the experience with her and she had her four beautiful grandchildren with her. While we were there we got some really nice pictures of some other friends that were baptised as well. We promised some friends that we would make all these pictures available. You can download an entire .zip file here (85 megabytes - Click and grab a cup of coffe or two). Or if you just want to see the pictures online and download them one at at time you can do so here.

God has given us an incredible opportunity to share Lori's experience. We are priveledged to be her friend and to see her growth in the Lord.

2007-08-10 - Johnny and Anthony (and their friend Jimmy Coleman) participated in an off-road race today. The race was the Mojave Desert Racing California 200 (150 for the class that John was in). It takes a lot of work and preparation just to participate in one of these. There were 45 entrants. Out of those, 10 didn't qualify even to start. Out of the 35 that were left, 15 more broke down and did not finish (DNF) the race.

John, Anthony, Jimmy, and a whole slew of friends have been working every spare minute for the past six months to prepare his truck. John started the race with Anthony as his co-driver and then Jimmy took over as co-driver for the final 75 miles of the race. Unfortunately, the left front wheel fell off of the truck in the third (final) lap with only 25 miles left to finish. The truck rolled and flipped a full 360 degrees and landed back on it's wheels. Thank God, no one was hurt. John builds things like the Tim the Tool Man Taylor; all over engineered, and the cage didn't even dent. Jimmy was with him when it rolled and they both came out fine. John's average speed indicates that if his truck would have made it to the end, he would have finished 4th or possibly even 3rd overall. I'm very proud of what he's accomplished.

Here are several pictures we got (thanks to many photographers who were kind enough to share them).


One of John's friends took this picture.
Click it for more.

2007-05-10 - We lost our family patriarch on this day. My Uncle Dan passed away this morning around 12:30 AM. I understand he died of congestive heart failure in his sleep. Rest in peace Uncle Dan and know that you were a class act and a great blessing to me, my father, and all of my brothers, all of our lives.

Below is his obituary as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune...

Alagna, Daniel V.

Daniel V. Alagna, WWII Navy Veteran, beloved husband of Marie Glowacki, nee Slazyk and the late Rose Alagna; loving father of Anthony D. (Luana) Alagna, Karen (Pat) Kehoe, Beth Ann (Frank) Kryzak, and the late Diane (Joe) Matt; cherished grandfather of six; and great-grandfather of 11; dear brother of Eva Sergio, Anthony Alagna Jr; preceded in death by three brothers and one sister.

Funeral Tuesday, 9 a.m. from Thompson & Kuenster Funeral Home, 5570 W. 95th St., Oak Lawn to St. Catherine of Alexandria Church for Mass at 10 a.m. Interment Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Visitation Monday from 3 to 9 p.m. Life member of Chicago Southwest Lodge #44 L.O.O.M., Member of Oak Lawn Post #0757 A.L., Member of Ridge Country Club. Retired President of Newspaper Distributors Assn.

In Lieu of flowers, memorials to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, P.O. Box 769, Hillside, IL 60162 would be greatly appreciated. 708-425-0500.


This picture was taken when my dad passed away in December, 2002. That's my Aunt Marie and Uncle Dan.

What I remember about Uncle Dan is encouragement.

Whenever I wanted to make an important move, he was someone who's advice I wanted to seek out. And when you talked to him, you felt like you could accomplish anything. He was honest, enthusiastic, and loved his family. He really was an anchor for the Alagna family and will be missed greatly.

Although I spoke to him a few months ago, I wanted to talk to him more. He knew all of our family from New York. Now I'm afraid that I may never get to meet them.

2007-02-15 - Johnny now has a new web site for his off-road racing : It is awesome. Please go and check it out. They added about 150 members within 1 week of kicking off the site. Of course Anthony did most of the web design and programming. He's quite a genious when it comes to stuff like that. To view a (special) typical day in the life of John, see the video on the left below. Much of it is the view from the front window of his off road truck during some races that he participated in.

2006-11-26 - My son John has been building an off road vehicle for two years now and over the past few months has had the chance to "test the metal" of the thing. It's done pretty well. John likes to build things tough. He kind of reminds me of Tim (the tool man) Taylor when it comes to building his truck. In off-road, there is a practice called "nerfing" where if you are behind a guy for a while and can't pass him, it is acceptable to "nerf" him in the rear end of his vehicle to "encourage" him to move over. Some guys abuse this unwritten rule. One of those guys came up behind Johnny and bounced his truck really hard from behind. What ended up happening is that Johnny's truck busted a hole in the guy's front radiator. He needs to put a sign on the back of his truck saying "Nerfers Beware".

His friends have nicknamed his truck "Cyclops" because he has this special (very bright) single headlight in the center of the front end. It's a lot of fun to watch. Anyway a friend of his put together the video shown below.

My other son, Anthony has finally gone on a musical tour. He's been wanting to do this for a long time. He is touring and playing with a group called Casket Salesmen. Phil Pirrone, who started that band used to play with Anthony and his band partner JJ in a high school band called Nothing to Prove. Anthony and JJ have their own duo called Auditory Aphasia and are opening for the other band on a bunch of their shows. They are traveling in an RV from California all the way to New York, back through Denver, then Seattle, and down the West Coast to Chino Hills. They will be gone through December 23rd. I hope they'll do well and have lots of (clean) fun.

A (Special) Typical Off Road Racing Day in the Life of John Alagna

(Check your speaker volume before playing. There is music attached.)

Auditory Aphasia Shows

11.14.06 @ on the rox - los angeles, California
11.21.06 @ el torreon ballroom - kansas city, Missouri
11.22.06 @ Knickerbockers (18+) - Lincoln, Nebraska
11.24.06 @ wherehouse as part of INSURANCE FEST - la crosse, Wisconsin
11.25.06 @ House Cafe - Dekalb, Illinois
11.28.06 @ lenny's bar - atlanta, Georgia
11.30.06 @ Oasis - Charleston, South Carolina
12.01.06 @ plan b - danville, Virginia
12.02.06 @ club deep - asbury park, New Jersey
12.09.06 @ ol' main inn - buffalo, New York
12.11.06 @ creepy crawl - st. louis, Missouri
12.12.06 @ Bluebird Theatre - Denver, Colorado
12.13.06 @ Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, Utah
12.17.06 @ Rock N Roll Pizza - Portland, Oregon
12.19.06 @ showcase theatre - corona, California
12.20.06 @ knitting factory (alterknit lounge) -
los angeles, California


Dan & His Niece Carly.
He had a big soft side.

Dan & His Daughter Christina

2006-10-10 - My big brother, Danny (Diego) Alagna passed today at 6:50 PM. Danny has been suffering with cancer for much of this year. He passed away tonight. All three of our brothers and his daughter Christine were with him when he died.

It seemed like he waited for all of us to get there. My two brothers had flown in from Chicago and from Hilton Head just today. We all got there at about 5:30 PM. At about 6:47 his daughter arrived. He literally took three last breaths and then he passed with us all having our hands on him an telling him how much we loved him. He was a great brother.

Danny's Obituary

   Alagna, Daniel*  
ALAGNA, DANIEL (DIEGO NINO) Daniel (Diego Nino) Alagna died on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 6:50 p.m. in San Diego. He was in the company of, and survived by, his daughter Christina, her best friend, Erica Morgan, and his three brothers, Jimmy, Johnny, and Joey Alagna. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends, especially Steve Wenzel who he considered a brother and Mary Anderson, his close friend and companion for many years. Danny worked for United Airlines for 28 years. He worked in Chicago, Hawaii, and finally in San Diego. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 14th at 4:00 p.m. at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, 8350 Lake Murray Blvd., San Diego, CA 92119. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to St. Andrew's Lutheran Church memorial fund.
   Published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on 10/14/2006.

We are all going to miss you here.
See you in heaven bro.

Danny's Guestbook Entries

2006-01-25 - Four Generations of Alagnas - Looking through some old pictures, I found this newspaper picture that we took in 1985. This is (from left to right), my sons, John & Anthony, myself (Joe), My grandfather, Anthony Alagna, and my dad, Casper Jack Alagna.

2005-11-07 - Found a Family Treasure - A picture of Auntie Susie from 1918. I visited my brother Danny last week and started through some old family pictures. Found a lot of cool stuff but there is one picture that I know will be special to a lot of people out there. My Auntie Susie ( aka Santina Martinico-Clemente ) was a family favorite.

No matter who I talk to in our family about Auntie Susie, we always have great and fond memories. She was a big woman but every pound was about loving people. I remember staying at her house as a kid and always enjoying her company and the stories she would tell and especially being fed by her. She always kept a stash of these chocolate covered graham cracker cookies that I never saw at my own house and I'd raid her pantry endlessly.

I also remember how she loved "babbalusha". I'm not sure if that is the right spelling but in our family that was Italian for Snails (maybe escargo?). It was hilarious because we'd always find snails getting away and crawling around in the house before she cooked em. They were a blast to play with for a kid.

Anyway, gettting back to the subject. Danny and I found a picture of Auntie Susie from 1918. We estimate that she was just about getting married at that time and I'm sure this is the way she should be remembered. I'd say she was in her prime. Take a look here.



2004-06-27 - Our 25th Anniversary Party - We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Chicago today with our entire families. Thanks everyone for coming. Take a look at the pictures here.

2002-12-30 - Memorial to Casper (my dad) - My dad passed away today. He was 81 years old and a good father to me and my four brothers. Here are some family pictures from his funeral and a few things about his life.

2001-09-25 - Santa Rosa Trip - I was between jobs and we had the use of nice convertible for a while, so Chris and I used it and take a little vacation. Take a look at what we did here.


  My son Anthony has quite a knack for building web sites and also for playing the drums. Take a look at his band's web site. The name of their band is Auditory Aphasia. He has also built a few other sites, one for school and another for some friends of ours.

1st Communion pictures of me and Chris. Chris and I are only 6 days apart in age. Who knows, these photos may have been taken the same day. We never checked.


  Our old house in Cicero...

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