2007-08-10 - Johnny and Anthony (and their friend Jimmy Coleman) participated in an off-road race today. The race was the Mojave Desert Racing California 200 (150 miles for the class that John was in). It takes a lot of work and preparation just to participate in one of these. There were 45 entrants. Out of those, 10 didn't qualify to start. Out of the 35 that were left, 15 more broke down and did not finish (DNF) the race.

John, Anthony, Jimmy, and a whole slew of friends have been working every spare minute for the past six months to prepare his truck. John started the race with Anthony as his co-driver and then Jimmy took over as co-driver for the final 75 miles of the race.

Unfortunately, the left front wheel fell off of the truck in the third (final) lap with only 25 miles left to finish. The truck rolled and flipped a full 360 degrees and landed back on it's wheels. Thank God, no one was hurt. John builds things like the Tim the Tool Man Taylor; all engineered for strength. The cage didn't even dent. Jimmy was with him when it rolled and they both came out fine.

John's average speed indicates that if his truck would have made it to the end, he would have finished 4th or possibly even 3rd overall. I'm very proud of what he's accomplished.

Here are several pictures we got (thanks to many photographers who were kind enough to share them).



It really came out looking nice once they stickered it up.

The truck the morning of the race.


They are off!

Just before leaving to check in.

At the rock pile, they were going so fast I could hardly get this picture. I was the worst of the photographers.
One of John's friends got this one. They were really getting some air.
This was at the bottom of the rock pile off a small "whoop".
Not sure where on the track this one was taken.
Good action shot.
This was the second lap at the rock pile. I took it. Yes I did. The funny thing is that they were going so fast that I didn't know it was them until after I took this picture. Johnny and Anthony are in the truck during this picture.
Another friend got this shot.
This is somewhere out there. The track is 50 miles long; all desert and very unfriendly to anything on wheels.
I call this one "The Morning After". That truck had a rough night. It took us about five hours to get out to where they were, on a trailer, and back to the pit stop.

This is Johnny and his co-driver Jimmy, both who spent a little time upside down last night.

Another morning after photo. The front left wheel rolled on for about 1/4 of a mile in front of the wreck.


This is video from last year's race. John finished 9th in that race.
The truck was a different color last year.


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