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On Wednesday, October 30, CentralNic hosted a party at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. We invited our friends, registrars, and resellers and it turned out beautifully. Our CEO, Dan Schindler, did an amazing job of planning this event and as usual we had a great turnout.

The food was nothing short of delicious and Gavin Aldred, an investor in .LA, brought in Julia Fordham, a singer who entertained us perfectly. She was a real hit and made the party so much more enjoyable.

It was a great time of relaxation and friendship with my co-workers Gavin and Jenny from London and thanks to all those who came.

The entire ICANN event was a lot of fun. I got to meet a few people who I haven't yet, who are associated with CentralNic, including our Dan's wife, Melanie, who is very sweet and charming. Dan & Melanie had a barbecue at their home in Calabasas and, along with Sam Dayani (one of our company owners) & Francesca, also took us out for some sushi before Gavin and Jenny went back home to London.

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CentralNic Party at the ICANN Meetings - 2007-10-30